Halo Top Shows That Healthy Eating Doesn’t Mean Giving Up One’s Favorite Tastes

Food issues are hardly anything new for humanity. Through most of human history food has been the central aspect of life. It’s almost always been scarce and subject to a great deal of uncertainty. This shows one of the biggest challenges in this post-scarcity marketplace. The past few generations are struggling with something that had been unthinkable before. People’s health is actually at risk from having too many rather than too little calories.

This in turn tends to spiral into unhealthy extremes. Some people jump full in and give up on any real healthy balance. It’s little surprise that the total percentage of overweight and obese people in the US hovers at around 2/3rd the population. The all or nothing idealism might well be the underlying reason why so many people fail with their diets.

And this might well be one of the biggest reasons behind ice cream maker Halo Top’s recent announcement. They recently talked about their plans to expand their business beyond grocery stores. This expands on two quite successful test runs.

The link between an ice cream brand and healthy eating might not be obvious at first. But it’s actually an ingenious food hack which lets people enjoy ice cream without the normal health concerns. Halo Top redefined the nature of ice cream while keeping the flavor intact. They’ve managed to remove the most significant risk factors with ice cream. And that is an important step. But perhaps even more importantly, they’ve managed to add in some beneficial nutritional components.

The most significant of these is probably the higher protein levels. A whole pint only comes in at around 280 calories. But that comes with a full 20 grams of protein. Normal ice cream tends to get digested fairly quickly. People enjoy standard ice cream, but they don’t feel sated with it. But Halo Top isn’t just a tasty low calorie indulgence. It’s also filling. So one doesn’t feel the need to keep on going past what they should.

This is the real key to Halo Top’s expansion. They might well be the first ice cream brand to show people that they don’t have to sit at the extremes. They can enjoy foods they love while still considering overall nutrition.