Greg Secker Uses His Wealth To Help Children From Around The World To Have Better Lives

Greg Secker was wealthy by the time he hit his twenties, and he has earned a reputation for being one of the top traders in Europe. As an entrepreneur who moonlights as a philanthropist, he has created one of the United Kingdom’s greatest companies that helps regular people to become financially independent. His passion for entrepreneurship has kept him in the game and thriving in areas where many other entrepreneurs have failed. With offices in Johannesburg, Sydney, Cape Town, and London, he is able to reach a spread of people from many different walks in life.

Because he knows so much about his area of expertise, Greg Secker has been a media favorite as a go-to-guy for information on the direction of the market. His interviews on Bloomberg and CNBC were extremely helpful to anyone who watched them, and he got a standing ovation for his amazing talk at the Ultimate Success Summit. He has spoke at the same conferences as Tony Robbins and Richard Branson, and as a global speaker, he has had the opportunity to share what he knows next to other big names like Robert Kiyosaki and Tony Blair.

Greg Secker knew before he became as successful as he is now that he always wanted to give back and help people out. His charitable foundation was created in 2011, and it is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping children all over the globe. Some of the programs that the charity sponsors include the Flying Trader Project, The Christmas Basket Brigade, the Early Childhood Development Program, and Youth Mentoring Program. It is Secker’s hope that he will be able to have an impact on the kind of education kids can get, building the skills that they will need throughout life, and turning them into the kinds of leaders that the world of the future will need.

When Greg Secker was just 27 years old, he retired and started up his own trading company right in his living room. It was his hope then that he would be able to continue to make money through his passion while also sharing what he learned and sharing his wealth with those who need it most.