Graeme Holm establishes a company to offer financial solutions

Graeme Holm is an Australian financial expert and the founder of the fastest growing debt reduction and money management company in Australia. The company is known as Infinity Group Australia. He created this company from scratch in 2013, and in just five years, it is now a leading company in the region. The commitment that Holm shows in the management of this company is the reason he has succeeded. He has made it possible for Australian families to solve the issues that affect them with ease. Looking at the history of this company, one is convinced that it is one of the companies that came into the market with the right intention of helping the people.




Graeme Holm was working in the banking sector before he created his company. For 17 years, he worked with the main banks in the country. One thing he realized while working for these banks is that they never had the interest of the people close to their heart. They are in business to make profits at the expense of their clients. Once a bank gives you a loan, it cares little about how the customer utilizes the money or how they will repay the loan. The banks want to see the customer struggle to repay the loan so that they can earn more profits through interests. Financial institutions which offer loans have made it very hard for clients to access financial guidance which can enable them to make the right decisions.




Graeme Holm would not remain silent as many Australian families struggle with paycheck-to-paycheck kind of life. He would not let the people suffer yet he had solutions that could eliminate debts and create wealth. He created infinity Group Australia to offer personal training on effective utilization of finances, such that there is enough left to clear debts. Holm has assisted people who could only pay the minimum amount required every month to clear debts, to pay more. Now, you will find so many Australian families which can save an average of $41,000 every year; much higher than they ever thought they could manage. Graeme Holm is focusing on creating awareness that will help people in debts to get out in the shortest time possible. Once you clear a debt in a short time, chances are that you will save a lot more that will go to securing your future and generating wealth.




Those in the industry have felt the impact of Infinity Group Australia. Many people are now able to live enjoyable lives because they have repaid their debts. Infinity Group Australia has received recognition from the Australian Financial Review for offering innovative solutions. The company is doing very well in the region and is ranked number #58, among the companies with the most useful and innovative solutions.




Under the leadership of Graeme Holm, Infinity Group Australia is offering excellent solutions to the people and ensures they have financial freedom to keep their lives happy throughout. From the reviews that the company is getting, it is clear that the customers are satisfied. Learn more: