Graeme Holm Enhance Financial Stability of Many Families with Infinity Group Australia

Infinity was created to assist normal Australians in minimizing their debt, generating wealth and ensure a secure future. Perfect success can only be created through integrity, being passionate and trust. Here in Infinity, we are aware that financial institutions have not laid good dealings with their customers and are led by this to ensure that we transform a home after another in Australia.


The organization mainly formed to rescue the Australian families who had been exploited by the financial institutions for the longest time in history. Graeme Holm, together with his Wife, Rebecca observed and realized that the financial institutions, especially in the lending sector, were operating with impunity, which used to hurt the financial conditions of the customers. On the other hand, these institutions failed to understand that the customers were the pillars of their existence in business. After identifying the challenge, the couple went down to action and decided to form an organization that would help to solve the plights of the customers. After the formation, Infinity Group Australia started offering advice to their customers on debt management, and since then, the rate of loan repayment by the Infinity Group’s customers has increased and also the financial positions of the Australian families have improved.


In infinity, we ensure every dollar will count. This is why we have introduced the use of the debit card in order to help control the spending habits of the customers. This means that if you don’t have money to pay what you need in cash, then you cannot buy it. We teach our clients to know the difference between a need and a want. We ensure that the money you earn through your hard labor is used on things that are necessary.


Instead of buying things that you will only dispose of after a short period, we advise you on how the same money can be used to reduce the size of the loan you have at your lending institution. Most people will use the money that they have direct access to, and so a debit card will help the amount of money that you can spend simultaneously

In Infinity we have good collaboration between our employees. Hence we are able to get stronger ideas. Graeme says that the employees are allowed to interact with other professionals in the same field and later fill their suggestions on the suggestion box. This will bring in many good ideas and help the company on easy and speedy implementation.


We have a good customer experience and good management of the same. We provide our customers with centric products which have made our business to grow tremendously. According to Graeme, the entire Infinity business growth is led by the Customer Experience CX. We have recently ranked the best organization for Customer Experience in Australia and also the company with the best customer experience in the 2017 Optus Business Awards. This has improved the trust that our clients have on us making this organization be a financial family. Learn more :