Graeme Holm Bio

Graeme Holm has a seventeen years career in financial services. He has accreditations in financial planning, real estate, and finance. He became frustrated after pushing only a single service offering and branded products for almost ten years. He was not happy that many Australian families receive poor deals from their financial institutions. He, therefore, got the desire to start his company to solve this problem. This is how Infinity Group Australia was born with the aim of fixing the financial lives of many Australian families. The company was born to help people secure their future, create wealth and reduce debts. Infinity Group Australia believes that success comes from developing integrity, trust, passion, and care.


Majority of the people in Australia live to pay check to make only a minimum repayment across a thirty-year term of loans. Infinity Group Australia brought the concept of support and continuous guidance to a client having a loan. Graeme Holm recognizes that having a financial coach will keep you accountable on expenses; needs vs. wants, budgets and purchases. Clients can repay their loans within 7-10 years up from 30-year terms. Mr. Graeme’s day starts at 5:30 am. He starts the day by exercising and then feeding his brain by listening to a podcast or reading a book. Every day he attends to his transformational and transactional tasks.


Graeme Holm brings his ideas to life by collaborating with other people. His business has a strong culture that encourages employees to share innovative ideas. He believes a great idea is only great if quickly implemented. Holm likes the way FinTech is transforming the financial service industry. He always encourages people to avoid dealing with people who do not have strong morals and integrity.


Infinity group Australia was ranked as the 58th best innovative company. It was listed by the Australian Financial review from about a thousand companies nominated in New Zealand and Australia. The company was founded in 2013 by Rebecca Walker and Graeme Holm. It is one of the fastest debt reductions company in Australia. It enables many Australian families to improve their lives tremendously. Inventium also selected the company from over one thousand companies as one of the most innovative. The award was accepted by Holm on 30th July 2018.


Graeme Holm has never failed to attribute his success to his amazing team and its passion to do things differently. His more than fifteen years of experience in the financial industry has enabled him to view everything differently. His goal is to keep banks honest towards Australian families. The company which is based in Sydney has evolved into one of the top financial company in Australia. Its cornerstone is the commitment to a better customer experience. To achieve this, it provides clients with monthly performance reports, assistance in budget maintenance and detailed reviews. Learn more: