Graeme Holm And Infinity Group Australia.

Graeme Holm is the co-founder and director of Infinity Group Australia. Having 17 years of experience in the finance sector, back in 2013 Graeme Holm launched Infinity Group Australia with the aim of helping the Australian people secure their future and improve their finance. Before that, Holm is a top broker and MBA holder in his education. In past carrier in the banking sector where he was dealing with only one product and service, Holm became frustrated, and this made him develop the idea of starting Infinity Group Australia which was a good deal to the Australian families.


However having done research and scrutiny on problems facing the Australian mortgage market, he found out that service for families, guidance, advice, and support was lacking. Holm, therefore, decided that with Infinity Group Australia he could reach out for help to families and clients to help them pay off their loans as quickly as possible. Clients would also be receiving their monthly performance reports, assistance and proper advice on maintaining a reasonable household budget. After few months in operation, clients were more satisfied with the services offered by Infinity Group Australia as some could pay off their loans in utmost three months unlike they entirely did in 12 months.


Holm and his life and business partner Rebecca Walker whom he opened Infinity Group Australia with, were focused towards changing the loan repayment schedule in the Australian loan market. Together they brought the idea of guidance and support to life throughout the client loan life cycle. He, therefore, had to think about how to train clients to manage their finances and make wealth for the future through investments. Learn more:

With the excellent reputation and services he has delivered through Infinity Group Australia, Holm says that most borrowers love the company. He adds that clients can now speed their time stress-free with their families, attend to their jobs with the knowledge of their bills being catered. Holm and his professional, friendly staff have helped ease the financial constraints of their clients through the well developed and structured system of business coaching.


Graeme Holm acknowledges that collaboration and customer services are the critical role that has brought him success. Collaboration has helped him strengthen his relationship with his clients, share innovative ideas with employees and other professional industries. Infinity Group Australia also has provided excellent customer services which have been instrumental to its growth too. The staff at Infinity is dedicated to creating a positive customer experience. In addition to this, the developing new trend in Fintech excites Holm as it is changing the financial service face globally. He is looking forward to seeing how CX and Fintech will work together to deliver excellent customer services.