George Soros Champions Good in Troubled World

There are few careers that can match those of Hungarian-born legend George Soros. In the fields of business, finance and philanthropy, Soros both embodies and and exemplifies the American dream, using hard work and dedication to turn dreams into reality. Not only is Soros a perennial fixture on the Forbes “World Billionaire List.” He also ranks high on Forbes’s elite “Self-Made” list – those special few who were not handed their extraordinary wealth through some lucky inheritance, but who started from the bottom and who worked hard for every penny, as Soros did when he survived brutal repression as a child in Hungary to become an internationally revered hedge-fund wizard as an adult.

So it’s particularly admirable that George Soros continues to devote his hard-earned power and riches to help worthy causes around the world, giving voice to the voiceless as he funnels his billions to aid humanitarian and civil-rights philanthropies in countless communities all over the globe. And, as Politico reported in November, Soros is nowhere near finished yet. At the sprightly age of 86, Soros still leads the political and civil resistance against the abuses of xenophobic politicians. In 2016 Soros’s Open Society Foundation contributed $500 million worth of financing to companies founded by migrants and refugees, according to

This massive investment, Politico reports, will be targeted in particular towards immigrant-run businesses in Europe, where newly arrived refugees from war-torn Syria and other troubled nations need capital and confidence to assimilate and succeed. The investment signals Soros’s wisdom in seeking to empower persecuted peoples by helping them to help themselves. This approach, which has been emulated by philanthropies hoping to replicate the victories of Soros and his Open Society Foundation, instills dignity and self-worth in repressed and abused peoples, thereby creating a multiplier effect through which these people are better able to support their families and communities. In this sense, recipients of George Soros’s funding are not so much subjects of charity, as they are captains of their own success – much like Soros himself was so many decades ago.

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It’s no surprise, perhaps, that Soros’s unshakable commitment to the causes of human progress and civil rights continue to raise the ire of those who seek to oppress others. Would-be tyrants and demagogues around the world, from the far-right acolytes of Marine Le Pen in Europe to the alt-right movement bolstering Donald Trump in America, are made intensely uncomfortable by the influence of Soros and his affiliated organizations, according to Politico.

These oppressive and malignant political groups, of course, thrive on perpetuating the fear, anger and divisions that sew conflict among communities and protect corrupt regimes. This makes it particularly difficult to challenge their authority, which is precisely where George Soros has proven himself so indispensable time and again. Both through his individual efforts and in championing social organizations that aid the weak and disenfranchised, George Soros has dedicated his life – and his fortune – to ensuring that good will overcome evil in this troubled world.

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