Fun Holiday Cookies

One of the ways to celebrate the holiday season is to make a batch of cookies that you can decorate with your family. You can also host a cookie exchange party, baking your favorite recipe and exchanging some of the cookies with the other types that your guests bring. Gingerbread cookies often have a dense texture and a slightly spicy taste. However, they are easy to cut into shapes and fun to decorate, especially if you make gingerbread people or houses. Add allspice and cinnamon to the cookies that you make to bring out the ginger flavor.

Sugar cookies are another popular treat that you can make for the holiday season. The key is to get the edges to a light brown color so that the center of the cookie is soft. Sugar cookies are easy to cut and decorate into just about any holiday shape you could imagine. Separate the dry, wet and fat ingredients before combining them together to get the best dough for your cookies. Royal icing often works best for sugar cookies because it tends to hold its form better than other icings. If you enjoy a variety of flavors, then consider making monster cookies. These are giant cookies that are packed with anything you like that goes well together, such as raisins and chocolate chips or red and green candies with pieces of peppermint. Try to get the dough a bit thicker than a standard cookie so that it can hold up to the extra ingredients that you include. These are a nice treat to leave for Santa on Christmas Eve, and they are a good cookie for kids to make because they can use their imagination with the ingredients that are added.