From Grass to Grace – Nick Vertucci Poker Career

Nick Vertucci is not only the Chief Executive Officer of his Real Estate Academy, but he is also a professional poker player. He is amongst the few individuals that have risen from grass to grace. He has featured in major poker tournaments that have seen him gain global recognition and prominence. Nick Vertucci understood the key components towards success in a competitive world is flexibility and hard work.

As it is said, a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, Nick Vertucci first step towards success began way back in 2004. It was when he made a buy-in worth $1500 a Texas No Limit poker game that had been organized in Commerce at the Commerce Casino. The poker game had attracted 251 participants where Vertucci emerged 8th Overall with an earning worth $7530.

Having born from a poor background, Vertucci knew he wanted relentless efforts to feature in the public domain. He decided to play with both the experienced and inexperienced players which sharpened his skills towards developing his reputation. In 2016, Nick invested $1500 in the World Series that had attracted 7190 participants with the price set at $9706500. Vertucci emerged at 828 earning $2532. He contended with the results since they were going to influence his rankings at the positively. The is a website that is specifically designed rank all poker players globally.

By the end of October 2018, Nick Vertucci had greatly risen in the rankings. He, firstly, ranked 108 680th in the All-Time Earning List. Secondly, he ranked 53621 in the All-Time Earning List in the United States. Thirdly, 10199th All-Time Earning List in California, United States. Fourthly, the popularity ranking placed him at 60450th. Lastly, Global Poker ranked him at 223725th. Nick has also participated in major tournaments like the World Poker Series, the World Poker Tournament and the After Dark Poker.

Recent news described Nick Vertucci as a resilient and focused individual that does what it takes to capture big pots. Vertucci is now a professional poker expert with extensive knowledge, skills, and experience that leaves his opponents crushing.