Fresh Tastes For Spring

The spring season is often a time when you can try new recipes to share with family and friends, especially light and airy desserts. When you make a spring dessert, try to use fresh fruits when possible and colors on the exterior that aren’t as dark as what you would use in the fall months. A simple lemon pound cake is a nice addition to any meal. You can add more flavors with whipped cream or ice cream on top or a few fresh berries. If you enjoy eclairs, then fill them with vanilla custard that is made with a small amount of whipping cream. Glaze the eclairs with pastel icing instead of chocolate icing.

A carrot cake is a traditional Easter dessert. However, you can transform the carrot cake into a jelly roll with a layer of coconut icing and cream cheese. Decorate the outside of the cake with vanilla frosting, coconut shavings and carrots made of fondant, modeling chocolate or frosting. Lemon is a noted flavor for the spring season. Lemon bars or a lemon pie with meringue are good options if you’re looking for a lighter treat to share. Top your lemon bars with a fresh slice of lemon. You can gently brown the meringue and add lemon zest for an accent. If you’re looking for something with a little more kick, then make strawberry lemonade bars with layers of strawberry cake and lemon filling. Top with powdered sugar, and serve on cupcake liners that look like yellow flowers. Another spring dessert that you can make with any kind of fruit is a cobbler. Top the cobbler with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.