Female Company Owners Rising Up for Healthy Food

The demand for healthy food is increasing drastically as people are realizing the importance of nutritious food for health and wellbeing.

One of the setbacks of eating healthy is the busyness of modern fast-paced society. It can be hard to incorporate healthy lifestyle on a regular basis. Rachel Drori, a busy sales executive, began freezing her fruits to make her smoothies on the go. This led her to launch a brand of smoothies so everyone can have access to easily-available fresh fruits. Her company produces frozen smoothies, soups, and many snacks that can be eaten on the go.

Kara Goldin realized that soda drinks make her gain weight. She started drinking water instead of sodas but still craved their taste. She started adding slices of fruit to her water which satisfied her crave for flavor in the drink. This is how she started her flavored water company that uses only natural flavors.

Kristin Gros Richmond and Kristen Saenz Tobey are fierce on the topic of poor nutrition in schools. Both were educators and knew what children consumed. The two founded Revolution Foods to provide healthy food to California Schools. The company has now spread its business into 15 states.

Nicole Benard Dawes fulfilled her childhood dream when she created a company for healthy snacks. Her company makes snacks that are similar to the taste of original brands without the harmful substances. It is also an environmentally-conscious company which is even more alluring to future conscious consumers.

Julie Smolyansky took up the Lifeway Foods company from her father after his decease. Her commitment to growing to the vision of the company led to the creation of new supplements and superfoods that stimulate the growth of beneficial microorganisms in the organism. Julie also created Foodniche – a platform that connects customers, local businesses, and healthy food brands.