Felipe Montoro’s views on the PPP

Felipe Montoro is one man with a series of occupations. He is the current chief executive officer of Odebrecht Properties and the senior financial officer, as well as chairperson of the district federal S.A Concessionaria, do Centro administration. In addition to these, Montoro is also the Chief Executive Officer of the S.A CaptacaoEnergipar. Before these current roles, Felipe Montoro was the director of the ConcessionariaTrasvase Olmos and the Senior Investment Officer of the Odebrecht Participacoes Investments S.A.

Felipe Montoro is a specialist in infrastructure and for this reason has been sought after by large contractors including the government of Brazil and other nations as well. He has helped corporations find ways to dispose of and eliminate their wastes and also offered advice on how they can attain financial responsibility and maintain their profitability. Read more at Exame about Felipe Montoro Jens

Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in Rio De Janiero and Felipe’s involvement

In a quest to make the much-needed improvements in the education sector of one of the biggest cities in Brazil, the mayor Marcelo Crivella has mapped out a plan that would bring together the public and private sector in this journey. The program is to merge these two parties so that they can come up with around forty thousand openings in the already existing pre-schools and twenty thousand in daycares. This project comes after Rio was reported to have a population of children that exceeds the opportunities in their schools.

The proposed project works in such a way that the private sector would be in charge of the construction, maintenance, and administration of the educational units for the infants. On the other hand, the public sector in other wards City Hall would ensure that the buildings are up to the required ethical codes, staffing of the schools and ensuring that they meet the needs of the children attending. The Execution cost would be shared between the two parties.

Felipe Montoro has been contacted by the city to review the plans and give his input. In his review, Felipe Montoro Jens shows support for the project and actively recommends the involvement of the International Finance Corporation as a consultant since it has in the past foreseen such projects I other cities in Brazil and around the globe. Along with these recommendations, Felipe also plans to use the project to create jobs in Rio. Read: http://www.negociosemfoco.com/newsdino/?releaseid=141832