Felipe Montoro Jens’ contribution to business and infrastructure sectors in Brazil

Felipe Montoro Jens is one of the prominent figures in Brazil’s finance industry. Before settling in finance, Felipe worked in the infrastructure sector and applied his expertise in the field by overseeing various infrastructure projects in Brazil. His other role was to advise the Brazilian government and the private industry on business matters under PPP, Public-Private Partnerships. Felipe worked in the finance and project development departments at Enel Group S.P.A. Felipe Montoro Jens worked in different portfolios in different institutions including Paulo Oliveira De Melo and Luciano NitriGuidolin among others. His expertise earned him the reputation of a widely recognized expert in the infrastructure docket.

Getulio Vargas Foundation is one of the best schools in Brazil that offer high-quality business training. Felipe Montoro Jens graduated from the school that started operating in 1944 with a business degree. Felipe joined an elite group that provided him with unmatched academic skills that prepared him to face the competitive business world. Felipe’s desire to advance in education forced him to seek advanced training at Thunderbird School specializing in Global Management. The school operates under the University of Arizona. The school earns a reputation for producing reputable individuals by offering very demanding and intense unmatched programs.

Immediately Felipe Montoro Jens graduated, he immediately hit the Brazilian corporate business world and worked in different business affiliations that built his portfolio tremendously. Some of the companies Jens served specialized in the generation of energy, developing chemicals, and creating waste and water tracts.They include FOZ, Braskem, and Atvos to name but a few.

In the business sector, he worked in high ranked business positions in companies including Enel, Enron, and PricewaterhouseCoopers among others. Since the companies had global recognition, Jens secured numerous working opportunities internationally. Jens worked in Portugal in 2015 where he oversaw investments projects in Africa and Latin America through his knowledge in mining, energy, and oil markets.

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