Eric Lefkofsky leads Tempus in launching a new mobile app to give physicians faster access to data


Eric Lefkofsky leads Tempus in launching a new mobile app to give physicians faster access to data

Tempus, a Chicago-based company that collects and analyses molecular data has announced the launch of their new mobile app that gives doctors secure access to genomic and clinical data at the time of care. The launch comes after the company had announced a $110 million Series E Funding just a few weeks prior.

The app is named Tempus Labs and can currently be downloaded from Google Play and Google App Store. Doctors across the country were previously involved in the piloting of the app. Doctors that order any one of the Tempus CLIA or CAP validated assays: xO which analyses 1714 genomes, xT, for the 595 genes, and xE for the whole exome, have access to the app now.

The mobile app gives doctors access to a patient’s files and view their clinical history, clinical trials, and potential therapy they are eligible for. This way, doctors across the country and possibly the globe, are going to make more educated judgements for each patient.

According to an email from Tempus COO, Ryan Fukushima, the intention of their team at Tempus is to give physicians more access to the new platform wherever and whenever they are, instantly at their fingertips. Fukushima says that the app was built on the basis of consultations with physicians on how regularly working at a computer to access patient data collides with their busy schedule. Their feedback was incorporated into the app and was an important part of the setup.

On top of the mobile app launch, the company announced their funding gain of $110 million in late August. This funding gain dubbed The Series E included investments from Revolution Growth, Ballie Gifford, and Enterprise Associates as well as existing investors. According to Tempus, the money will be used to fund their operations and expansion into neurological cardiovascular diseases and other new therapeutic areas.

The co-founder and chairman of Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky is also the co-founder of Tempus. He is currently the CEO at Tempus which invests in molecular and clinical data creation and making the information accessible by creating a strong operating system. Their Tempus O, an operation system launched last December is designed to cleanse structure and interpret data.