EOS Knew How To Market

Element of Smooth is the lip balm company that realized the importance of working with their target clients. For many years Chapstick ruled when it came to the lip balm market. They were the company that set the tone for the way that lip balm was sold, marketed, and contained. Chapstick is a company that makes unisex chapstick, and the way that they made and marketed their product did not really change over all that time. The creators of EOS wanted to make a lip balm that would take over the market when it came to lip balm, and that is what they did with their EOS lip balm.

EOS lip balm wanted to get women’s opinion about their lip balm products. They wanted their product to feel, smell, and look like a lip balm that was made especially for women. They got together with women from different backgrounds, and they asked them what they wanted in a lip balm. They found that women wanted a product that was easy to find in their purse, and they wanted a lip balm that gave them a feel that was enjoyable. The makers of EOS made a product that totally met all expectations. EOS lip balms come in small sphere containers, and they are made with ingredients that are nourishing and organic. http://www.ebay.com/bhp/eos-lip-balm

EOS found another way to connect with their audience; they got in contact with some of the most popular beauty bloggers, and they asked these bloggers to try their product. These bloggers talked about EOS on their Facebook blogs and also on their YouTube channels. The makers of EOS also were able to get their product out on Amazon and to many pharmacies, so people were able to easily have access to EOS lip balms. The creators of EOS were able to make a product that took over the market. They used great strategic planning and industry know-how to get their product the popularity that it deserved.

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