Envoy’s Advancements after Integration with OneLogin

Envoy is a San Fransisco-based firm that that creates software that allows visitors log in with an iPad. This has made logbooks irrelevant. Envoy has innovated automated steps in visitor registration process, including digital NDA, visitor sign-in, badges and photos, and host notifications. Their service consumers include tech-forward firms and fastest- growing companies that have adopted technologies to provide security and promote productivity.

It was cumbersome for IT admins for these Envoy customers to update individual user access across many applicants. This is because of movements of employees in different posts within the companies. But this has now changed as Envoy has provided secured systems and a smooth end-user experience.

Envoy and OneLogin

Recently, Envoy collaborated with OneLogin and put in place the SCIM, a protocol which aids in user provisioning. SCIM is the short form of System for ‘Cross-domain Identity Management’ and simplifies user management and provisioning. This advancement is now available to Envoy enterprise and premium customers and can be enabled by adding the Envoy user provisioning connector which is available at the OneLogin’s application catalog.

Applications which are SCIM enabled can speed up application rollout and adoption by allowing simultaneous user attributes into the intended application. SCIM provides customers with an avenue to automatically provide their names, emails, employees’ names, and their office location, directly from their OneLogin directory into Envoy. This feature improves user management by swiftly updating customer profiles after the occurrence of any change.

Improved Customer Experience

Managing application users and employees too is not an easy task. Various business units managing employees and the accessibility to a different application have found it a burden. But with Envoy, employees’ records are often updated in all systems. That is how customers experience has been maximized. Visitors find it easy to sign in, because their record is registered quickly, are accurate, up-to-date and easy to manage.

Background Information of OneLogin

OneLogin is a company that offers security to company systems. They control and secure customer, employees and external partners access to enterprise information. OneLogin allows employees to access many different policy compliant applications for firms and enforces security policies on devices such as corporate desktops, mobiles, and websites.