Endless Summer Zucchini Ideas

If you plant a garden, you have probably tried zucchini before. It’s a very hardy plant, easy to grow, and highly productive. In fact, that’s why some people shy away from planting it in their vegetable garden because they don’t know what to do with all those long, green relatives of squash.


But that’s not really the case these days. So many great chefs have taken on the finding of more “zuch” recipes as a personal mission. A simple stroll around the internet can find you hundreds of different things you can make. Many of them are far more healthy than simply batter-frying discs or sticks or grandma’s old bread recipe, though those are still fine uses for them.


For one thing, the vegetable itself is very healthy. It is high in fiber, complex B vitamins in their natural form, and other important minerals like zinc and magnesium. So, in order to take advantage of that, healthier cooking methods are important.


One great thing to use it for, especially when the fruits are small and thin, is to simply chop them into salads raw. They have a great, crunchy texture, and are especially tender when still young without the fibrous composition of older, larger fruits.


Here is an awesome recipe for baked Parmesan zucchini crisps, far healthier than frying.


Another great recipe is Zucchini succotash. Use a tablespoon of olive oil in a saute pan. Toss in your diced zucchini and season with salt, pepper, and thyme. Let that cook at a high heat until the zucchini takes on a nice, golden-brown color. Throw in some fresh or frozen sweet corn kernels. Reseason with salt and pepper. Once you see a little color on the corn, add some halved cherry tomatoes. Season again. Let that toss through. The juice of the tomato almost makes your sauce. If its ever a little dry, add a touch of olive oil, stock, or even butter. You will love the fresh, summer flavors.