Easy, Edible Wreaths Great For Any Party

So, with the holidays fast approaching here is a recipe that is easy, festive and everyone will love. This recipe reminds me of cooking with my grandmother as it has a timeless quality to it with a new twist.

Holiday Cornflakes Wreaths

Before mixing your ingredients, make sure to prep your pans with parchment paper. If you miss this step, it could be very messy.

Mix your wet ingredients:

16 oz bag of marshmallows
6 Tablespoons butter
1 Teaspoon vanilla
Green food coloring- adjust the color until you get the tint you want.

Microwave for 30 second intervals until melted. Mix together well until smooth with no lumps.

Add 6 cups cornflakes, mixing well until evenly coated.

With wet hands, form mixture into 24, 2 inch balls onto trays. Leave room as you will spread mixture out into little wreath shapes.

Add some cinnamon candy to look like holly berries. And then sprinkle with white, round, small nonpareils to look like snow falling. You can add a red bow to each wreath, made out of red string licorice or red sour candy such as rip rolls. Simply take the string and cut it into smaller sections make a bow shape and press together so it sticks, then gently push down into your wreath to make sure it stays.

To firm the wreaths up, place in the refrigerator for thirty minutes or you can leave them sit at room temperature for about two hours. These wreaths are fun and easy to make with kids, but will be festive enough and any holiday party. To view the full video and see the recipe, please click here.