Dr. Saad’s Blueprint of Making It in Life

1. Saad makes a strong statement that one should not wait until tomorrow to undertake what they should have done today. The doctor has held dearly and lived by this rule; no wonder he is one of the finest pediatric surgeons the world has ever had. Through this rule, the doctor has achieved great successes. Time consciousness is a recipe for success in life and one has to make the most use of time each day says the doctor.

2. Saad had a dream of becoming a US certified pediatric surgeon, and his dream came true the moment he set foot in the US. This is considered one of the very rare accomplishments, especially among immigrants. He wholeheartedly devoted his time to enhancing his education here, something that in the end paid off. As of around 1985, he became the only board-certified pediatric surgeon throughout the US. This made him acquire a prestigious position, a Pediatric Surgeon for the Saudi Royal family’s kids back at home. He would perform complex pediatric surgeries on any Saudi child. Saad held this position up until 1989 when he went back to the US.

After his US return, the doctor focused his attention on pain minimization and a minimized recovery time for patients which saw him come with many procedures that reduce pain and quickens patient’s recovery time. The discovery has since been applied successfully for more than 2000 times during his tenure. With this, Dr. Saad saved and likewise improved the lives of a myriad of children in the US.

In an interview, Dr. Saad gives everyone hope, that any goal is attainable, so long as one is paying attention to achieve it. The doctor reveals how keen he was on listening to his father’s advice and having his eyes on his goals. He says that with this, anyone can accomplish whatever they want to, despite their background, as long as they are focused and spend their time wisely. One should strive to take every moment in life to advance their goals. Learn more: https://medium.com/@dr1saadsaad

About Dr. Saad

3. Saad, MD is a renowned pediatric surgeon in Eatontown, NJ, and has offices in Forked River, NJ as well as Eatontown, NJ. He has been in this practice for 42 years before he retired. In 1971, he attended Cairo U Med Hosp and specialized in pediatric surgery as well as thoracic surgery. The Doctor is certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada as a General Surgery, as well as in Pediatric Surgery.

His academic background starts from Cairo U Med Hosp, the undergraduate school where he graduated in 1967 and proceeded to Cairo University for an internship, which he completed in 1972. He later joined the Medical University of Sc. He has attended the UMDNJ, the American Academy Of Pediatrics, American Academy Of Pediatrics, Fellowship Hospital, as an intern and completed in 1982. Later he joined Umdnj-Nj for further education and finished in 1985.