Dr. Saad Cites Necessity as Reason For His World Beating Surgical Innovations

Dr. Saad is one of the most respected surgeons in the United States and in other different parts of the world where he has conducted multiple and successful surgeries to different patients. In one of the interviews where he was answering questions raised by upcoming medical practitioners and media, Dr. Saad requested all individuals to pull their resources together so that they can provide a conducive environment to the patients as they visit the medical facilities. He noted that the majority of the medical facilities in the United States are in a poor state due to low financing which is making them to offer sub-standard services.


Dr. Saad was put to the test by answering a question about why he went ahead to invent two inventions that have since changed the surgery department. Dr. Saad is highly credited for discovering an electromagnetic catheter location device and equipment that helps in locating the position of the catheter in the body. He is also highly respected after innovating an improved endoscope device that aids in removing fluids from the lenses. In his answer, Dr. Saad said that necessity has driven and forced him to try and get something that would make his work easier while at the same time offering quality services to his patients.


Dr. Saad noted that technology is there for all people to utilize in making their lives better and the lives of those they provide services to. He said that other industries have commercialized on technology and are enjoying significant benefits. Dr. Saad highlights that he is surprised that medical industry has not embraced technology as compared to other sectors, which makes it lag behind, despite it being a critical sector that is supposed to enhance the health of individuals. He challenged upcoming medical practitioners to use technology to advance their services while at the same time urging policymakers to avail enough funds to support innovations.


One area that Saad Saad has assisted the medical team is by the invention of the new form of an endoscope that takes into consideration the irrigation aspect of the lens found on the device. The traditional endoscopes formed fog whenever the lens came into contact with the body fluids. This issue has been solved by the new endoscope through the “irrigation” factor. This is the design which ensures that the lens does not contact the body fluids whenever the doctor is in operation.


Since Dr. Saad Saad started his medical career, he has completed more than 10,000 pediatric surgeries, most of which have been performed to children from the low-income families for free. This has contributed greatly to the general health of the community and hence increase in the level of production. Learn more : https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md