Dr. Mark McKenna: Medical Entrepreneur

The greatest accomplishment is the next venture to be conquered. Dr. Mark Mckenna, a medical entrepreneur, is expanding his influence in Atlanta. He is also venturing into the mobile market with a creation of an app that is able to connect clients with doctors using an Uber-style app.

His creativity and commitment to the wellness of society come from a story of success and loss. Dr. Mark McKenna was a successful real estate entrepreneur in New Orleans while in medical school. He appreciated his medical studies, but he found it not as invigorating. He would invest in real estate with the money he would get moonlighting as a prisoner physician. Life was good for him until Hurricane Katrina hit and wiped out $2 million dollars worth of investments. The hurricane hurt his business, but he also found an opportunity to buy flooded property and resell them.

Dr. Mark McKenna further expanded his influence and decided to leave New Orleans.

The opportunity for him availed himself; he had money and he had knowledge. Much more than those two things, he had experience. He knew that he can rebuild and start another successful company. He had money, motivation, and mission, but he also understood that those things paled in comparison to the value he puts on his family. Dr. Mark McKenna took a year and a half off to spend time with his wife and newly born daughter.

Now, Dr. McKenna is starting a new opportunity with emphasis on medical aesthetic services. His new company is called OVME, and he is looking at an exponential growth of $25 million dollars over the next five years.