Dr. Mark McKenna Is Combining His Love Of Medicine With His Love Of Innovative Entrepreneurship:

Dr. Mark McKenna is a qualified medical doctor and surgeon who has had a very interesting career. Though he has qualifications as a medical practitioner, Dr. McKenna has spent a large part of his business life pursuing entrepreneurial ventures. He had a highly successful real estate development firm called McKenna Venture Investments and also ran Uptown Title, Inc. and Universal Mortgage Lending. A graduate of Tulane University’s medical program, Dr. McKenna initially practiced medicine alongside his father before moving into the realm of entrepreneurship.

Dr. Mark McKenna found himself attracted to the world of entrepreneurship because he didn’t feel he would every achieve the level of financial success that he desired while purely practicing medicine. This was the impetus that led to his highly successful foray into the world of real estate development with McKenna Venture Investments. Dr. McKenna found a huge degree of success with this business, but when the New Orleans based firm was hit hard by Hurricane Katrina, he lost millions of dollars and was left contemplating his next move. A relocating to Atlanta, Georgia saw Dr. Mark McKenna recoup a lot of his losses and he was able to position himself back into an advantageous situation. His next move was to go back to his medical roots in the founding of ShapeMed. The practice specialized in providing cosmetic procedures such as botox injections. Dr. McKenna was able to build ShapeMed into such a success story that he had potential buyers at his doorstep. He sold the business to the Lifetime Fitness company and started thinking again about his next business move.

Dr. Mark McKenna’s next business move was another practice that specialized in cosmetic medical procedures, but this time with a revolutionary concept behind it. It was with the idea of creating a new type of cosmetic medical practice that OVME was born. OVME utilizes the latest in technology to provide its patients with the best in the arena of elective medical procedures but even more revolutionary is Dr. McKenna’s idea of creating a national network of physicians who can make house calls to patients seeking these treatments. Even more revolutionary is that this service is ordered up through the OVME app. OVME is just another example of Dr. McKenna’s revolutionary approach to business and medicine.