Dr. Mark McKenna Has Advice To Share

When a person works for no one but their own self, that person does not feel like they are really working. Dr. Mark McKenna was asked when interviewed about the worst job that he has ever had. He shared that he is lucky enough to have worked only for himself. Because he has worked for himself and not for others, he does not have any jobs that he can look back on with dislike. He is someone who has been able to work jobs that he enjoyed and that he was happy to be working because he has spent his time working for himself.

There are some people who rush to accomplish all that they can and then find out that they are not even on the path that they want to be on, and that is a foolish journey according to Dr. Mark McKenna. This man has shared that he wishes that he had figured out what his passion was at a younger age so that he would have been able to move slowly toward the point that he is at now. He wishes that he had worked slowly toward becoming who he is now rather than feeling that he had to rush after things that were not even his passion and to know more

Dr. Mark McKenna believes in the power of reading and in the power of being surrounded by those who are smart. When he was allowed the chance to share what habit he has that has helped him to find the success that he has, he let the world know that he enjoys reading. He reads a lot, and he believes that is something that has influenced him for the better. Dr. Mark McKenna also shared that he tries to stay surrounded by those who are smarter than he is. He feels that there is much to be gained by staying surrounded by the smart.