Dr. Edward Honig: one of the best in the business



Dr. Edward Honig MD is a well respected Cardiologist located in Glen Cove New York (https://www.doximity.com/pub/edward-honig-md-2497). Dr. Honig in particular focuses upon complications of the heart as well as the circulatory system. Prior to making any treatment suggestions, Dr. Honig will run a complete series of tests and take a complete medical history of the patient. Patients are in excellent hands when they choose Dr. Honig as their Cardiologist. Many feel that Dr. Honig is not only an excellent Cardiologist but he is also a caring and compassionate friend.


Dr. Honig was one of the top Cardiologists in Long Island prior to setting up his practice within the Glen Cove area of New York. The doctor places great emphasis on developing a close bond with all of his patients. Developing a close and trusting bond between patient and doctor can make a patients treatment a great deal easier.


Part the doctor’s practice involves Thoracic Surgery. This life saving surgery has proven quite beneficial to a variety of heart patients over the years. Dr. Honig has been practicing Cardiology for over 60 years. One would have to agree that the doctor has extensive and successful experience as a Cardiologist.


Dr. Edward Honig attended Duke University School of Medicine. Dr. Honig graduated at the top of his class from Duke University. In addition, the doctor obtained his medical license back in the early 1950’s. Dr. Honig’s medical license is current and in good standing.


Educational Background & Ambitions:


Dr. Honig knew before he graduated medical school that he wanted to specialize in Cardiology and Internal medicine. Therefore, a good part of Dr. Honig internship focused upon studying the heart and lungs as well as other related aspects of Internal Medicine.

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Some are astonished that Dr. Honig is still practicing medicine at his age. It is no secret that Dr. Edward Honig is in his early nineties and still going strong. Dr. Honig is highly intelligent and he has given a great deal back to the medical community over the years.


Dr Honig has also researched and written a variety of case studies involving early detection of heart disease and other disorders that ultimately affect the heart. The doctor has been praised for his hard work and devotion to his practice.