Dr. David Samadi Says Surviving Prostate Cancer is Likely with Surgery

Last summer, Mitt Romney, the former Republican presidential nominee underwent prostate surgery to treat prostate cancer when he joined the other approximately 161,360 men who were diagnosed as well in 2017. The surgery took place at UC Irvine Hospital by Dr. Thomas Ahlering and according to Fox News Health contributor, Dr. David Samadi, his prognosis looks great due to his decision to treat his cancer using surgery. He insists though, early detection is key and is as simple as a blood test for the prostate specific antigen.

The prognosis of survival for prostate cancer patients that choose radiation over surgery is vastly different. Men who are treated with radiation for prostate cancer are 2x as likely to die. The risk of developing secondary cancer with radiation is also greatly increased and the chances of surviving for more than five years after contracting secondary cancer after radiation are less than 30%.

Dr. David Samadi, urologist and oncologist Lenox Hill Hospital in New York, specializes in prostate cancer treatment and has pioneered a new form of treatment using robotics called SMART. SMART stands for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment; Samadi has performed more than 7,000 surgeries on patients that were assisted by robotics. Almost 90% of his patients were completely cancer-free after surgery and he performs, on average, 15 surgeries to remove prostate cancer a week.

Using his system, the chances of retaining bladder control and sexual function are greatly increased due to the highly less invasive method of surgery.

Dr. David Samadi, born in Iran in 1964, was forced to leave his country with only his younger brother in 1979 after the Iranian Revolution. The pair went to Belgium and England before finishing their schooling in the United States. Dr. David Samadi completed his Bachelor’s of Science in biochemistry from Stony Brook University and then attained his medical degree from the Stony Brook School of Medicine. Afterwards, he completed fellowships at Montefiore Medical Center and Albert Einstein College of Medicine in urology and proctology.

He was appointed the Chief of Robotic Surgery and the Chair of Urology in 2013 at Leno Hill Hospital. Previously, he practiced at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine as the Vice Chair of the Department of Urology in 2007. When leaving Mt. Sinai, he took his entire team with him to Lenox Hill. The board-certified doctor is a member of the American Medical Association.

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