Dr. Clay Siegall Equals Cancer Research Success

The fight against cancer seems to be a never-ending quest. This disease has affected us all either directly of indirectly. Unlike years of the past, today’s cancer fighting medications are saving lives at a much faster rate. Clay Siegall, CEO and founder of Seattle Genetics, is the head man in charge of cancer research’s mightiest ship. Siegall actually co-founded the company back in the late 1990s when it was a tiny startup business. As of today, Seattle Genetics is a global powerhouse that has an extensive resume. Siegall’s guidance and leadership is top-notch. He has actually gotten out in the forefront by raising funds through private and public fundraising. This generated-capital goes back into the company to pay for technological innovations.

Having such a big heart is what separates the good doctor from his counterparts. He is one of the most ambitious and well-respected individuals in the business. The National Cancer Institute, Bristol Myers Squibb and the National Institute of Health has benefited from Siegall’s services as he has played a key role in the organizations’ success. On top of that, Siegall has a gifted business-mind in which he has used to secure multiple-licensing deals. As of today, these deals have brought in hundreds of millions of dollars for the company. The company’s premier drug is now being used all around the world. To better state it, ADCETRIS is being used in 65 countries, and it’s the brand of choice in cancer research.

Seattle Genetics develops and commercializes some of the most advanced cancer therapies. Antibody-drug conjugates have changed the game thanks to their targeted behavior. These innovative drugs will destroy cancerous cells in the body without harming any of the good cells. Is that innovative or what? Unlike chemotherapy and other radical medications of the past, antibody-drug conjugates yield more progressive results without the sickening side effects. When you speak of cancer research, you definitely have to mention Dr. Clay Siegall and that’s a guaranteed fact.