Don’t Just Lose Your Gut–Keep It Healthy!

You could be the type of person who works out daily, eats fairly healthy, and avoids life’s unsettling temptations yet still have digestion problems. Surely the world understands that having a healthy gut is important, but few know what to do when their’s just seems to not want to cooperate. Everyone has tried yogurt, prescription medication, and exercising, but not many have grasped the concept that the simplest of hacks exist in order to maintain gut health. So, what have you overlooked recently? According to Food Network’s Nutritionist, Dana Angelo White, healthy gut tips are right under your nose.


Okay, the thought of fermented soybean paste might make you feel like such a tip would contribute to an unhealthy gut, but this delicacy is actually very tasty and offers a versatile element to your everyday culinary ventures. Loaded with probiotics- a substance that stimulates the growth of healthy bacteria in the body- miso is delicious in its most popular form: Soup. It’s great as a marinade, dressing, and dip as well.


This might be a frustrating concept to grasp because drinking a sufficient amount of water seems impossible to most. While adequate water intake is ideal for all bodily processes to work properly, some hope that theory just skips over the gut. Plenty of water aids in digestion and ensures that everything in the gut is properly absorbed and transported throughout the entire body.


Come on, how many health tips suggest that you eat more bread? This type of bread is perhaps the most natural as it involves the earthly process of grains fermenting, which lets off a gas that rises the dough. Because of this, consuming the bread will stimulate digestion. Say yes to carbohydrates and good health!

Avoid Alcohol and Stress

A night of drinking creates inflammation in the body, so somebody with an already weak gut is sure to suffer as a result. Of course, stress overwhelms the body as well as the mind, so both elements work together to trigger microbes in the gut, something that almost always has an unfavorable outcome. Avoiding these two things is sure to be beneficial to your life as a whole.