Doe Deere: Steps To Success

If you’ve ever thought about opening your own business, the good news is that Doe Deere, a fellow successful business woman has advice to pass your way. In a recent article, Doe Deere was featured thanks to her major success with her cosmetics line called Lime Crime. This popular cosmetics company is internationally known and it all started with a love for make-up. Doe speaks some words of wisdom when it comes to becoming an entrepreneur and some of the steps you should take in starting your company.

First things first, you’ll want to have your idea straight. It all starts with a passion. Doe’s passion for color and cosmetics helped her to form a basic skill set when it comes to beauty. Chances are, if you’ve got a hobby, you’ve acquired skills in that area. If you’re passionate about something, you might want to think about applying it to your work life, just like Doe did. Though there were bumps along the way and it took a lot of hard work, it’s easier to do so when you love what you’re doing.

Doe Deere wasn’t afraid to take a major risk. Starting a company with such bold and unique color tones was gutsy, but Doe wasn’t about to give up her dreams and ideals. When it comes to problems in the business, she faces them head on. She turns to the advice of her employees also, because she finds it helps keep the business well rounded and her workers involved. If you never take the risks, you’ll never move forward. You will always be the same in your business and personal growth and business growth go hand in hand. As you move forward with your company, you will learn even more skills and progressing will come naturally.

Doe Deere is the epitome of a successful entrepreneur. She took her true passion and turned it into a wildly valuable company. Not only is she doing what she loves, but she gets to promote creativity and be herself all while making a profit. If you’ve got something you love and want to turn it into a business, it’s definitely possible.

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