Doe Deere: Creating Lime Crime

Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics. Lime Crime offers brightly colored beauty cosmetics that are cruelty and vegan free. They range in lipsticks all the way to hair colors. Doe Deere is known as the beauty world’s “Queen of Unicorns”. She grew up in New York City and studied fashion design. Her brand was first launched online in 2008, it is now operated in Los Angeles, California.


It all started with a clothing line created by Doe Deere. Originally, the makeup was created to complement the outfits that were made. She then combined her love for makeup and fairy tales to form the imaginative and brightly colored trademark. The mascot for the brand is a unicorn, it is there to embody compassion, rare beauty, animal kindness, and imagination.


Lime Crime makeup is available for sale in many retail stores and online. This includes the United States and the United Kingdom. Sales started in 2004 via eBay, before the official launch in 2008. By 2009, the marketing helped take the brand to a new level.


At the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Doe Deere studied illustration and fashion design. Although she loved it, she decided to drop out and start a clothing line. This is where she began understanding the flow of marketing and fashion. Doubts began setting in, so she began getting into makeup and beauty. The positive responses started rolling in and she never looked back.


In the beginning, Doe Deere had makeup giveaways and frequently showed tutorials on how to apply makeup. That was how the online exposure started and it helped build a fan base for the brand. Listening to feedback and understanding criticism is a big step in her marketing strategy. Customers know what they want, they respond accordingly.


One of Doe Deere’s hardest decisions for the company was deciding on the correct laboratory to partner with. They needed to be able to share the same vision and be the best at what they do. Success comes from making her customers happy. Beauty should make anyone feel blissful. Offering brightly colored vegan and cruelty free cosmetics gave the company a good niche. Learn more:


Lime Crime Cosmetics now supports HOLA for kids in LA, Girls Inc., Bideawee animal shelter, Sanctuary for Families, the Red Cross, and Adopt NY. They also offer color based themes about different subcultures, fantasies, and mythical creatures. The brand name was formed from playing with words she liked. She felt the name itself showed more fantasy and sounded whimsical. Doe Deere’s entrepreneurship has no doubt made this brand successful. They offer some of the most interesting and unusual colors for the cosmetic industry.