Doe Deere And The Color Crazy Makeup World Of Lime Crime

It ‘ain’t’ a crime, ladies and gentlemen.


Doe Deere admits it’s a bizarre name for a makeup company, but Lime Crime is a most “Google-able” name, so it works out well.


Meanwhile, the CEO and founder tells IdeaMensch that the name originated years ago when she developed an Ebay DIY fashion line account name. Lime Crime is sassy, tart, naughty and vividly bright, and the name has stuck since the beauty company’s launching in 2008.


Since that time, Lime Crime has exploded on to the social media scene and picked up fans around the globe. These women and men, too, all share a love of crazy color palettes that are bold, with glitter, foils, iridescence and all kinds of happy, self-expressive cosmetics features.


Doe Deere strongly believes that makeup, hair and fashion all roll into one for individual style. She wears her bright makeup because she loves lipsticks and eye shadows that are strong, wild and free. Lime Crime is fantastical in spirit, looks and attitude, and Doe Deere tests each product before it makes its way to store shelves.


She remains very hands on with Lime Crime, making visits to the lab with the chemist, sitting down at meetings with the creative director, company president and vice president. Doe Deere developed an early work ethic as a child growing up in Russia. She even sold temporary tattoos to her classmates at age 13, beginning her keen entrepreneurial growth.


Doe Deere believes that e-commerce has taken over the way folks do their shopping, and makeup obsessed fans have fallen in love with Lime Crime. In fact, the brand has reached cult-like status, especially with Lime Crime’s sexy Venus eye shadow palettes whose unique shades resemble juicy, bruised fruits.


Lime Crime’s popular Velvetines and Unicorn lipsticks are beautiful pigments of art. These special formulas feature liquid to matte finishes and are known for staying put. You can even make out wearing Lime Crime lipsticks because they’re built to last.


The brand’s uber popular Diamond Crushers are no ordinary lip glosses. Instead, these gorgeous lip toppers offer dazzling diamond brilliance with prismatic technology. No other company makes iridescence as sensual as Lime Crime. The company has just added three more Diamond Crusher choices in Black Unicorn, Acid Fairy and Cleopatra.


Lime Crime continues to soar on sites like Instagram, where the brand has picked up more than 2.8 million followers.




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