Dick DeVos’ Passion for Education

With a degree in economics, a passion for learning, as well as an internationally known name, Dick DeVos is an individual who can achieve anything and who has become a part of something great in order to not only establish his own name within the world of business, but also to continue to spread the name of the DeVos family, a family that built the company known as Amway Corporation. Amway Corporation is a multinational and multi-billion dollar company that was created in front of Dick DeVos’ eyes, a man that was inspired to continue the legacy of DeVos and to make sure that the family company continues to grow.


As a member of this prominent family, Dick DeVos has dedicated his life to the company of Amway Corporation. Even most of his childhood was spent within this company. As a result, Dick DeVos has always had fond associations with the world of business and has worked hard to preserve though memories. As the son of Richard DeVos, the co-founder as well as the developer of Amway Corporation, Dick DeVos has made his father proud by excelling in what he has done any by expanding the family name. The DeVos family currently resides in Michigan and is growing in reputation as an avid political donator as well as a family that is known for philanthropy.


With a family that is known to donate billions of dollars to worthy corporations, Dick DeVos has continued to legacy and this tradition to donate funds of his own to improve communities at the local level. Dick DeVos truly believes that by helping one individual improve their life will have the multiplier affect of helping millions of individuals.


As a hard worker as well as an academic himself, Dick DeVos has worked hard in order to preserve and to grow the education system within the United States. Despite his family name, Dick DeVos worked hard in school and enjoyed learning. As a result, Dick DeVos has grown an appreciation for a merit based education system where the ability to receive an education should not be based on how much is being paid, but should be based upon how willing a child or even an adult is willing to work for their degree.


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