Dherbs CEO, A.D. Dolphin, Getting Raw on the Steve Harvey Show


There is more to a raw-food diet than salads and raw foods, says A.D. Dolphin, CEO of Dherbs.com. Founded in 2004, Dherbs Inc is an online resource committed to optimizing people’s health and helping them lose weight. Dherbs Inc is also one of the world’s leading online herbal supplement companies, offering a number of herbal supplements, full body cleanses, and natural products to assist people in claiming back their health.


A raw food diet is a vital part of Dherbs 20-day, Full Body Cleanse and other supplements offered on Dherbs.com. People participating in the full body cleanse or adhering to a healthier, and natural lifestyle must eat a raw foods diet of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, raw nuts, and seeds. Their online store, Dherbs.com, offers hundreds of articles showing people how to live a healthier life via their herbal products and raw food recipes. Their raw food recipes are especially appetizing and creative.


A.D. Dolphin demonstrated a few of his company’s delicious recipes when he appeared on the Steve Harvey show on February 6th, 2017. Like he said, a raw food diet does not have to be bland, and unimaginative. Dolphin got creative on the show and made zucchini noodles, raw walnut tacos, and a kale smoothie that, according to Steve Harvey, tastes just like ice cream. All three of these delicious recipes have ingredients that give you essential nutrients needed in your daily diet.


According to Steve Harvey, the Dherbs Full Body Cleanse recently helped him lose 12 pounds. Losing weight is something Harvey has had a hard time accomplishing in the past, as have many people, but with the help of Dherbs products and raw food recipes he was able to accomplish weight loss.


You can see A.D. make easy, delicious, and healthy raw food recipes at the Steve Harvey Show online. Get on board with the raw food diet for a healthier lifestyle.

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