David Giertz Gives his Insight on the Benefits of Social Security in Retirement Planning

Recently, in an exclusive interview conducted by Veronica Dagher, David Giertz, talked about why more financial advisor needs to discuss the benefits of social security with their clients. Since for years, most of them have been able to avoid the topic because of its complex nature; there is a growing awareness about social security. Those who have recently retired or have retired in the past few years are realizing the money that they have lost because their advisors failed to take their social security into account when planning their retirement.

David Giertz said that according to a recent survey a large part of advisors is not talking about social security with their clients. Thus, they end up losing their clients since four out five people did not mind changing their advisors if social security was not taken into consideration when preparing their retirement file. Social security can be a difficult topic to discuss since it has more than 2,700 rules. But, for most people the income from social security comprises of about 40 percent of the total income during retirement, they are ready to take the pain and understand it so that they can benefit from it. David Giertz advises financial advisors not to avoid talking about the topic if they want to retain their clients.

David Giertz shares some useful information that can help financial advisors provide better services to their clients. By discussing social security, they can not only optimize their retirement income but also increase it to a substantial sum that would not be possible without social security. David Giertz was the President and the Director of Sales of Nationwide Companies. He is also a licensed broker with more than 32 years of experience in the financial sector. He spends a significant amount of his time in reading and analyzing the current economic trends of the market to make correct predictions.

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