Custom Care Helping Chicago: A Company Founded By Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera, a philanthropist who founded Custom Care charities. He made a notable entrance into the logistics industry. After1975 graduation from high school, Perry Mandera was able to immediately join the Marine corps working with the United States. While he was working for marines, he was able to gain important life skills that have been serving him well even in his present days. He was able to learn how he could a truck. After his service at the marine, he was given an honorable discharge where he went back to Chicago.


The immediate jobs he started was working with the transportation industry. Even before Perry Mandera was 23 years old, he had worked for different logistic companies. He even was able to start his company in 1980. due to political influence, he sold the company five years later. His political interest was strong that he even manages to be a committeeman working for Republican Ward for a consecutive period of four years. He is the man who had distinction having being elected as the youngest at his position in the city.


Perry Mandera’s Custom Cares Company since its formation in 1986, it has been enterprising services to all business sizes which includes family-owned and fortune 100. it has also enabled several hundreds of people to get a job in the company and the companies annual revenue adds up to $200 million. It has its headquarters at Northlake, Illinois although it has been able to maintain other offices in different locations in the United States. It is a full-service provider of transport and it has been offering its clients with logistics and product services. For examples, local cartage, forwarding services, international and domestic air freight, dedicated contract cartage and LTL services.


The charitable giving of Perry Mandera have no boundaries. This is because he was able to start his own charity organization which was named ‘Custom Cares Charities.” It is an organization that has been donating tens of thousands of dollars to those families that are in need especially during the holiday seasons. He has also contributed in the Sports charities as well as offering more than 100 youth teams with support and coaching football, basketball and baseball.