Curried Chicken Salad Is A Great Dish For Lunch Or Dinner

Being a big fan of chicken salad sandwiches and wraps, I was thrilled to find a recipe for curried chicken wraps on the Food Network website tonight. This delightful recipe comes from the network’s Barefoot Contessa TV show and contains an assortment of interesting ingredients.


The curried chicken salad features the standard base ingredients of cooked chicken, mayonnaise, celery, scallions, salt and pepper. Giving it some real pizzazz, the salad also contains curry powder, white wine, chutney, raisins and cashews.


When making this salad, it is best to combine the curry powder, wine, mayonnaise, chutney and salt, and mix the ingredients together until smooth.


The curry powder-wine dressing should be mixed with the chicken and other ingredients, then the salad should be refrigerated for at least a couple of hours, so the different flavors can meld together.


Although the recipe for this wonderful chicken salad calls for it to be used as a filling for wraps, it can just as easily be used as a sandwich filling, or a salad-stuffed tomato. Served with some potato salad or chips, chicken salad is always a tasty and refreshing item to eat for lunch or dinner.


The Food Network website is a great resource for finding all sorts of excellent recipes. The ingredient lists and preparation directions for the recipes are clearly written and easy to understand.


With the added chutney and raisins in this dish, the salad maintains a mild sense of sweetness. The wine gives it a little bit of a sophisticated flavor, and the celery and cashews add a nice touch of crunchiness.


Whether you eat it in a wrap, in a sandwich, or with some lettuce and tomato, this chicken salad would surely be a tasty dish to eat at any time.