Cool Down This Summer with Homemade Frozen Treats

One of the best parts of summer heat is cooling down with a delicious frozen treat. There are all kinds of approaches to take, and you can make some real crowd pleasers to finish off your big weekend barbecue. Many take only basic cooking skills. They just require a little forethought and planning so you don’t end up with a melted mess.


Some of the coolest stuff you can do can also be quite healthy. Frozen banana and berry smoothies are one of the easiest. Spin up a banana, a cup of your favorite frozen berries, a tablespoon of honey, and a cup of greek yogurt in your blender. You might even add in a little granola or some chia seeds for an extra crunch. Pour that mixture into whatever shaped frozen pop molds you enjoy. Bars are often the simplest.


Another summertime classic is homemade ice cream. There are hundreds of recipes and almost as many techniques. You don’t even need an ice cream machine, any more, though nothing turns out the creaminess like a frozen churn. The recipes vary from cooked custards, which require practice and skill but can be extremely rewarding, all the way to simple stirred mixtures that you freeze in a pan.


Once the ice cream is made, that’s when the real adventures can begin. Choices of toppings are almost infinite. You can even stir them into machine recipes as the ice cream churns. Everything from strawberry compote to salted caramel to crushed candy can go in or on top or both. Make it a fun event where everyone gets to choose their own.


You can also make some delicious ice cream sandwiches instead. You can get very creative here between your types of ice cream and your chosen “bread” slices. Chocolate chip cookies are an easy choice. Here is a recipe that uses delicious Mocha ice cream and homemade brownies.


Just remember, while its great to do spicy and hot on the grill this summer, it’s also important to have something cool and sweet to go with.