Clayton Hutson Is A Talented Individual Who Is Working On Tour With Kid Rock.

When it comes to having impressive work relationships with famous rock musicians, Clayton Hutson would know a lot about that. Clayton Hutson and Kid Rock will be working together for the second time this year. Hutson is a talented stage manager, sound engineer, and a tour producer who is based in Nashville, Tennessee.


Concerning the work that Hutson does with many live music shows, he is someone who is well rounded and is multi-talented. Hutson’s job is to ensure that everything element of the live music performance goes smoothly in front of live crowds. Hutson considers himself someone who is eager and determined to have a kind word said about him when it concerns his work.


Early in Hutson’s career, he had a sound engineer role and had the chance to work on tour with world-renowned evangelist, Billy Graham’s sound team. Later in his career, Hutson choose the rock music genre as one to pursue vigorously. Since Hutson had a good work record and a real love for rock n’ roll, he has been able to work with many impressive music groups and solo artists like Pink, Kanye West, Prince, Marilyn Manson, Guns N’ Roses, and Halsey.


Regarding his educational background and how it relates to his current role, Clay Hutson earned his bachelor’s in theater design from Central Michigan University. Hutson was also has a master’s degree from the Ross School of Business in business administration.


Clay Hutson was also to get exposure regarding the world of music tour production by working many technical jobs. This experience helped him learn in areas of sound engineering, tour management, and live performances. Based on this critical experience that Hutson gained by working in many different facets of this niche area of music and live performance, Hutson decided to start his own business.


Clay Hutson also worked in mid-2018 on Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s tour. Hutson worked the second portion of the Soul2Soul: The World Tour. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are a world-renowned music duo. However, both Hill and McGraw haven’t been together as a music duo for more than a decade. Clay Hutson said that he had felt honored to be picked to work on their tour.


Hutson is currently as a stage manager, working on the “Red Blooded Rock N’ Roll Redneck Extravaganza Tour.” Kid Rock will be taking center stage as the leading singing act. Learn more: