Cauliflower Takeover

With the insanely popular ketogenic diet spreading like wild fire across the United States, those who follow the diet are constantly looking for keto hacks. This mean they want to be able to eat foods that taste similar to delicious, high-carb foods, but still fall under the guidelines set by the ketogenic diet. Fortunately, there is one super vegetable that can be used in many ways to mimic the taste, texture, and flavor of complex carbs: the humble cauliflower.
Most would look at the cauliflower and think that there’s no way that this bland, white vegetable could be turned into pizza crust, bread, or many other delicious, keto-friendly options, but many practicing keto swear by it. Here are a couple of easy cauliflower substitute recipes that will make your transition to keto a little easier:
1. Cauliflower crust pizza
For some, cutting out pizza is the hardest part of the ketogenic diet. That’s why this pizza crust is one of the most popular cauliflower-based recipes out there. The taste and texture is said to be similar to New York style thin crust pizza. There is very little taste of cauliflower, and you can add as many delicious toppings as you want.
2. Roasted Stuffed Cauliflower
Unlike the pizza recipe, this one centers cauliflower as the star of the dish. Smothered in cheese and bacon, this healthy alternative to a gooey casserole side dish certainly tastes like its full-carb alternatives.
3. Cauliflower “Mashed Potatoes”
While technically there are no potatoes in this recipe, this cauliflower substitute won’t have you missing the real thing. It’s completely creamy, buttery and delicious. It also makes the perfect side dish for keto-friendly Thanksgiving feasts.
While it sounds daunting, many are surprised by how many cauliflower substitutes there really are. Making the switch to keto doesn’t have to be challenging when you have cauliflower on your side.