Customers rave about Securus’ crime-preventing technologies

People who have not spent extensive time in the U.S. prison system often have misconceptions about the way that prisons operate. Although guards and administrators do their best to fight ongoing criminal activity within the nation’s carceral institutions, without spending vast sums of money and having staff to prisoner ratios approaching one to one, there […]

Securus Technologies – Helping Inmates Stay in Contact With their Loved Ones

The life of inmates inside the prison is tough and challenging, but the inmate communications services helps in ways more than one to take their stress away. The inmate communication services ensure that the prisoners and detainees get to talk to their friends and relatives at a nominal cost. One of the pioneering inmate communication […]

Securus Technologies – Driving Innovation into the Public Safety Industry

Securus Technologies was formerly known as TZ Holdings since 1986 and changed its name to Securus Technologies in the year 2009. Securus offers technology solutions to its clients that are mainly public safety institutions, corrections agencies, and law enforcement agencies across the US and Canada. The company also provides mobile applications that allow the family […]

Securus Technology provides efficient communication services

Securus Technologies has for a long time now been a leader in providing valuable services to software design and communication systems to correction facilities. The company has built a massive experience over the years, it today provides a comprehensive communication system that helps fight crime too. The latest call recording and identifying software made available […]