Paul Mampilly gives financial advice

Paul Mampilly first made his name being an assistant portfolio manager for the Bankers Trust company once he received his MBA from Fordham University. While he worked with the company, he managed to receive some crucial investing experience and that eventually landed him positions with businesses the likes of Deutsche Bank and ING, for example. […] Adds Two Locations for Customers

There are two new locations that people can use to buy products with The e-commerce company has been delivering orders to people in China for over a decade, and the company processes billions of orders every year. 90% of those products are delivered within one day. With the use of new delivery technology, it […] Big Data is among the largest retailers in the world, and they have millions of customers especially in China. The number of customers that use the platform each year amounts to thirty million customers. With such a huge number of customers, has all the data they need on customer behaviors and patterns. Through the […]