Clayton Hutson Is A Talented Individual Who Is Working On Tour With Kid Rock.

When it comes to having impressive work relationships with famous rock musicians, Clayton Hutson would know a lot about that. Clayton Hutson and Kid Rock will be working together for the second time this year. Hutson is a talented stage manager, sound engineer, and a tour producer who is based in Nashville, Tennessee.   Concerning […]

Clayton Hutson Excels In Music Production and Tour Management

A music tour manager performs several tasks to help recording artists to create as well as perform music for their fans. Also described as a concert manager, a professional music manager understands the necessity of running smooth concerts alongside making critical and risk-calculated decisions for the betterment of an artist’s career. As illustrated by Clayton […]

4 Quick Questions With Clayton Hutson

Clayton Hutson is a live sound engineer and production manager that has built a well-respected reputation of providing quality services to musicians and organizers of events. Hutson’s first foray into the music business was when he was given employment as a sound engineer with a company that put on live music events. Hutson progressed fast […]