“Paul Saunders Discusses the Importance of Tackling Burnout in Workplaces “

It is a well known fact that the work environment can really be stressful – and this is amplified if the work environment is too rigid, doesn’t foster positivity and has an overall toxicity to it. An unhealthy work environment not only decreases work productivity, but it can also increase employee turnover, decrease the worklife-span and […]

James River Capital’s Implicit Measures On Effectual Corporate Leadership

Scholars have argued out that there is not one-best-fits all leadership style; every environment may call for a leadership style that may not work in another context. Leadership ideally is an art of creativity. It’s how best the overseeing person sets precedence, exercise control without coercion but instead through influence and motivation, effective management of resources […]

Blog on James River Capital Web Site Takes on Leadership

A blog on James River Capital Corporation’s web site, jrccblog.net, discusses three “changes” necessary to improve one’s leadership style. The article was penned by “jamesrivercaptialcorp” and thus the actual author remains anonymous, but does have the hallmarks of its CEO Paul Saunders. The article starts by discussing how art and science are combined when comes […]

James River Capital: Counseling Professionals on Ways to Enhance Leadership Qualities

James River Capital Corp. is a Richmond, Virginia based investment firm that is currently registered with the SEC and the CFTC to service as an Investment Advisor, Commodity Pool Operator, and Commodity Trading Advisor. However, back in 1986 when the company was originally founded under the name KP Futures Management Corp., it primarily serviced as […]