Barbara Strokes and Nonstop Commitment

Barbara Stokes is a highly regarded professional who works for a company that’s referred to as Green Structure Homes of Alabama. People often abbreviate the company name as “GSH.” Stokes is a woman who has done a lot with her career. That’s why she’s such an inspiration to so many people in and around Huntsville, […]

Aloha Construction offers the best home restoration services

House fires do happen, and when they happen, they leave a house in very bad condition. To get your house in order may not be an easy process and that is why you will need a company that will offer great restoration services. You do not want to spend months in a hotel or somewhere […]

Aloha Construction, a power house of ethical practices

Each year, hundreds of prominent businesses put their best foot forward in a bid to at least be on BBB’S list of best companies but Aloha construction was not only on the top nine list but also managed to bag 2017 prestigious Torch Awards for marketplace ethics. The selected companies often undergo a comprehensive screening […]