Alcohol and Coca-Cola May Soon Collide

For years, Coca-Cola products have been a staple in many peoples lives. It’s just one of those companies that have a variety of products that appeal to the masses. People like to relax with an ice-cold Coca-Cola product. Children enjoy a soda treat after doing a great job at school or home. Many grab one […]

Moringa Unveils Drinkable Alove Yogurts In Anaheim

Health conscious foodies in Anaheim recently got to try out Morinaga Nutritional Foods’ new drinkable Alove yogurt products. The company just revealed these new conveniently bottled low-fat yogurts to North America at the Natural Products Expo West. Morinaga has already been selling Alove yogurts in traditional bottles since 1994. The new drinkable products will still […]

When Baking Is Too Hard

When you’re baking in the kitchen, it doesn’t matter how much experience you have because there are probably a few things that you could change about your recipes and how you bake. Try to use a pan that is the right size for the item that you’re baking. If you use a pan that is […]

KFC Gets Naughty With Its Initials And UK Customers Forgive Chicken Shortage

A decade ago, this little joke would have been considered vulgar by many, but times change and so do people and their food trends. We’ll get to that cheeky advertisement in a moment. KFC is having the last laugh today, but at the beginning of the week, customers were freaking out and ticked off across […]

Five Grilled Cheese Sandwiches From Around The World

A grilled cheese sandwich made with white bread and a slice of American cheese is a classic, but sometimes you feel like mixing it up. Here are five hot cheese based sandwiches themed after Italian and French cuisines. The Pizza Grilled Cheese Sandwich Just like it sounds, it is a grilled cheese sandwich that tastes […]

Sweet Potato Toast

The modest sweet potato has taken center stage as the latest trend in the food industry. Far from the fluffy marshmallow-topped Thanksgiving standard, this new rendition offers a healthier twist for the tuber. Cut each one lengthwise into ¼” thick slices, and you have toast ready for toppings. Following the Food Network’s guidelines for cooking, […]

Olive Garden Tempts Hearty Appetites With New Big Meatball-Stuffed Pizza Bowl

Olive Garden is going deep into gastronomic glee with a brand new lunch menu item, a very filling one at that. It is called the Meatball-Stuffed Pizza Bowl, according to a report by The monster meal is a diner’s dream if you love meatballs, 10 of them, sitting in major sauce, draped in lots […]