McDonald’s Still Makes Amazing Munchies But Eatery Not Installing Pot Pods

Marijuana and McDonald’s munchies are the perfect pairing, according to the surveys done for those who purchase pot in states where it’s legal to do so. In fact, one poll found that 43 percent satisfied their cravings at a McDonald’s fast food eatery after smoking weed. Maybe this explains an internet “fake news” item that […]

Instagram Dominates Food Trend World

Many people that are hosting parties are going to need something to prepare. They want to have a meal that is going to be delicious, but they also want to bring forth something that people may have never thought about before. Fortunately, the internet has more than a few recipes that people can utilize when […]

Cauliflower Takeover

With the insanely popular ketogenic diet spreading like wild fire across the United States, those who follow the diet are constantly looking for keto hacks. This mean they want to be able to eat foods that taste similar to delicious, high-carb foods, but still fall under the guidelines set by the ketogenic diet. Fortunately, there […]

The Social Media Recipe Food Trend

This is easier for consumers to clip coupons and find ingredients for the things that they would like to buy. More people are noticing that it is easier to watch Instagram videos where everything is unveiled through short videos online. At one time cooking shows were dominant by people like Martha Stewart and others like […]