Don’t Just Lose Your Gut–Keep It Healthy!

You could be the type of person who works out daily, eats fairly healthy, and avoids life’s unsettling temptations yet still have digestion problems. Surely the world understands that having a healthy gut is important, but few know what to do when their’s just seems to not want to cooperate. Everyone has tried yogurt, prescription […]

Adding Sweet Treats To Grilling

There’s nothing like grilling out with family and friends in the summer months. The main dishes are often easy to come up with, such as hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled corn, and a variety of salads. The desserts are often plain and simple, such as ice cream or watermelon. Spice up your cookout with a few […]

Popeyes is Dominating the Fried Chicken Battle

I remember the days when it was a fast food war between well known KFC and up and coming Popeyes chicken. Many people, including myself, had become accustomed to the famous 20-piece meal deal from KFC. Although Popeyes Chicken could be found in selected locations, there still weren’t that many restaurants located in my area. […]

Let The Good Times Roll With Pork Roll Flavored Ice Cream

Modern day food trends have gone from grossly grueling, to delightfully delicious. Chefs and cooks have been very creative in their meals, coming up with tastes that will please and displease. They have found ways to deep fry everything from bacon to ice cream. They have mixed the unthinkable, and reminded people of old fashioned […]

KFC Gets Naughty With Its Initials And UK Customers Forgive Chicken Shortage

A decade ago, this little joke would have been considered vulgar by many, but times change and so do people and their food trends. We’ll get to that cheeky advertisement in a moment. KFC is having the last laugh today, but at the beginning of the week, customers were freaking out and ticked off across […]