Marc Beer to lead Lumen XT as the Chairman of the Board

Lumen XT is the leader in the healthcare industry. The company has been doing well, and it is even expected to enhance its success under the new Chairman, Marc Beer. He has years of experience when it comes to starting and developing companies to success. The entrepreneur has involved himself in areas of pharmaceuticals, diagnostic […]

Marc Beer

Marc Beer is the Chairman of the Board for a company called LumeN XT, Inc. LumeNS is a surgical device company. This company has patented illumination designs that will help surgeons get to parts of a patient’s body more precisely and safely. LumeN xt is helping its customers with individualized and customizable solutions.   Marc […]

“Marc Beer Named As The New Chairman of the Board of LumeNXT “

Marc Beer has almost three decades of experience in the development and commercialization of groundbreaking products in the medical field under his belt. He has also served various roles in different companies in the medical industry. As the new chairman of the board of LumeNXT, many expect Beer to share his expertise and lead the […]

“How Marc Beer has Revolutionized Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Niches through Renovia “

  For the last 26 years, Marc Beer has been instrumental in merging the investment world with pharmaceutical and biotechnology niches. Beer — an experience manager in reproductive health — understands the importance of these two niches in a healthy society. Thanks to his vast experience in the pharmaceutical world, he understands how to run […]

“Paul Saunders Discusses the Importance of Tackling Burnout in Workplaces “

It is a well known fact that the work environment can really be stressful – and this is amplified if the work environment is too rigid, doesn’t foster positivity and has an overall toxicity to it. An unhealthy work environment not only decreases work productivity, but it can also increase employee turnover, decrease the worklife-span and […]