Greg Secker’s act of empowerment

In 2013, the city of Iloilo was hit by the typhoon Haiyan and thousands of homes were destroyed. Financier and philanthropist Greg Secker stepped in to help. His foundation, the Greg Secker Foundation, plans to build 100 permanent homes for those affected by the typhoon. The project, aptly named “Build a House, Build a Home”, […]

Greg Secker Uses His Wealth To Help Children From Around The World To Have Better Lives

Greg Secker was wealthy by the time he hit his twenties, and he has earned a reputation for being one of the top traders in Europe. As an entrepreneur who moonlights as a philanthropist, he has created one of the United Kingdom’s greatest companies that helps regular people to become financially independent. His passion for […]

Seek Richard Blair’s Advice On All Matters Concerning Financial Services

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions Inc. (WSI), a Certified Investment Advisory Company located in Austin, Texas. The objective of WSI is to provide customized, wide-ranging financial planning services to residents of Austin and nearby areas. With over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, Richard Blair is better suited as […]

Norman Pattiz Launches 360-Degree Videos with Exciting and Innovative Features

Norman Pattiz has announced that PodcastOne will introduce innovative mobile software that will allow listeners to enjoy all the network’s audio programs. The network will add 360-degree video recordings into its products plus several interactive social platforms. These features will enable users to communicate with fellow listeners and program hosts easily. What’s more, PodcastOne will […]

The Necessity Of Sawyer Howitt

In this day and age, the future of the world remains contingent on the success of youth. To expound further, the youth remains the beacon of tomorrow. As older generations age, millennials have begun to take their place. In particular, Sawyer Howitt currently stands as one of his generation’s rising stars. To expound further, Sawyer […]