How Louis Chenevert Successfully Improved Technology in the Aviation Industry

Brief Background about Louis Chenevert Born in 1958, Louis Chenevert is a Canadian national who is the former Chairman and CEO of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He is a graduate of the Université de Montréal, École des hautes études commerciales (HEC), from where he received his degree in Production Management. In 2011, Mr. Chenevert […]

Meet Serge Belamant: A Passionate Coding Expert and the Co-founder, Zilch Technologies

The co-founder of Zilch Technology, Serge Belamant, is passionate and skilled in the field of coding digital financial transaction software. This has enabled him to be on the forefront in the building his reputation throughout the industry and he has been very valuable in many technological achievements that have revolutionized how the banking industry as […]


Specializations HGGC, a private equity firm, specializes in corporate carve-outs, add-on acquisitions, growth equity, leveraged buyouts, recapitalization, restructuring in middle markets and platform investments. Its primary investments are in North America with diversification in International opportunities. Executive Leadership i) Steve Young The founding father to and chair of the Forever Young Foundation is a co-founder […]

Why the Economy Could by Collapsing with Shervin Pishevar

The stock market has increased drastically since 2008. However, some investment analysts believe the stock market will decline in 2019. As economic growth slows around the world, many experts are worried about the stock market. Shervin Pishevar is a venture capitalist who has an excellent reputation in the industry. He recently tweeted for several hours […]

The Bleak Economic Future as predicted by Shervin Pishevar

On Tuesday, February 6, 2018, Shervin Pishevar took to Twitter to offer his fiscal predictions for the coming year. His very first tweet sets the tone for all the tweets that follow with a dismal outlook on the future of the American stock market. He states that he expects a 6000 point drop in aggregate […]

Steve Ritchie: How An Apology Can Change Everything

When a person does something wrong, the best thing to do is apologize. However, in the business world of previous years, apologies were rarely issued by companies. But in today’s age, that has changed dramatically. With customers having more choices than ever before, retaining customer loyalty is vital to long-term success. Because of this, Papa […]

Borrow Money now Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holding is different from other banks and lending institutions. Unlike other banks, they do not have strict lending policies. At Equities First Holdings, consumers do not have to qualify for loans based on their credit. Finally, high end consumers who need money quickly can utilize their stocks or other equities to secure a […]

InnovaCare Health Basic Information

Managed healthcare is the practice of reducing for-profit health care’s cost while still spitting out health insurance. Also known as managed care, quality of care is supposed to improve. Healthcare services across the United States have been provided in such a manner for just short of 40 years – it began in the early 1980s. […]