Dabie Tsai’s Summary of the Future of Big Data and International Accounting

More and more of today’s businesses operate on a global platform and collect huge amounts of data. Many accountants will have to learn how to operate internationally if they haven’t already. Dabie Tsai has been an accounting and auditing expert for international businesses, so she can speak about the challenges that the upcoming growth will […]

Ashley Lightspeed and Her Path to Success

While growing, Ashley Lightspeed was passionate about following her father’s footsteps and becoming an architect like him. She had a lot of fun spending time at the table drafting at the garage where she could sketch ideas in addition to building stuff often termed as prototyping. Her studies at Duke and abroad made her realise […]

Whitney Wolfe Herd and Dating Site Bumble Draw Some Ire

A group of neo-Nazis has targeted online dating swiper Bumble last year. Apparently, they are not big fans of feminism. Who knew? Whitney Wolfe Herd’s glowing success story, wrapped in a colorful bow of female independence, first printed back in 2014. The digital entrepreneur was reeling from the fallout with granddaddy swiper Tinder, which Herd […]